What time is your show in upton this sunday?

We believe that show is a hoax and isn’t happening, if anyone knows if that show being real let us know

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We will be doing a leg of the @badluckmusic tour in the end of July/early August. Very excited to see all your ugly mugs! #badluck. #americanverse #tour #fuckyeah
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Very excited to announce we will be doing a leg of the @badluckmusic tour. Can’t fucking wait!
Sriracha is the best thing to add to Mac N Cheese.


Isn't Steiner Street going on tour with you guys too?

American Verse/Steiner Street world tour 2014

Do you eat dads for dinner

We do therefor we eat ourselves for dinner

I heard you were playing in upton in early july?? Please tell me this is true bc I love you guys

Hey yes we are playing there then, it will be fun. We’re very excited!

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Our show on the 26th fell through, if anyone can help us with a show in the NYC area we would be the most happy
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A little over a week away. Can’t fucking wait. (at fucking work)
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Later this month we are hitting the northeast. Can’t fucking wait
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